Bartering Items

You have stockpiled and stored goods, you have a healthy supply of almost everything you are going to need for the short term and long run, except that one thing you didn’t get enough of. Now you have to get some more of that item; however disaster struck, the financial system has failed, and the money in your pocket isn’t worth anything. At this point you will need to trade some of your supply for the demands of someone else. Having a large selection of barter able items is almost worth more than having the supplies themselves. This will give you the ability to trade for other goods or services that you may not have, or that someone else needs.

What are the more usable barter able items you ask…great question. Here are some of the things I recommend you have on hand for both your supply, but also have the ability to trade.

Skills – bartering your specialized skills for small projects could get you items that you need, as well as helping someone else. This costs you nothing except time, and should be your first go to item.

Precious metals – could be in the form of raw, bullion, or jewelry. Every person can place a value on precious metals.

Canned goods – these should be above and beyond your stockpile of supplies. These could be items you normally wouldn’t use (though makes more sense if you do), but will be wonderful bartering items if someone else is truly hungry.

Long shelf life foods – these should be beyond your long term scenario plans.

Hygiene items – from soaps to sanitizers, toilet paper to trash bags. All of these items serve many purposes after a disaster has occurred. These are usually low-price items that don’t take up much space, and easy to stockpile as you will use them.

Fuels – from small propane tanks to gasoline, these will be the first to be consumed, and not many people stockpile very much of them.

First aid supplies – again, these should be above and beyond your supplies, this could also include specialized supplies, tools or medicine.

Alcohol – such an easy item to make or obtain right now, but will be used or consumed in the event of a catastrophe. Many uses, and many will be looking for it.

Tobacco – many addicts will be looking for their fix, better for you to supply it than to use it.

Candles – from emergency candles to lanterns / oil, these could have a higher barter price on them. Crayons, lighters, tea lights to battery powered lanterns. These are all useful for both light and as a heat source.

Batteries – while these don’t last forever, you should have enough for all of your gear that uses them, as well as spares, anything past that is barterable.

Ammunition – for when most of your other barterable supplies have dwindled, ammunition will be in high demand. Be smart about bartering this item off.

Weapons – as a last resort, using your spare or extra weapons as barterable items could be very profitable in a trade situation. Don’t barter weapons and ammo at the same time.

Barterable items will benefit you in the long run, so keep them stockpiled. Remember that people have different priorities, and what you have stockpiled, may be what someone else needs, and vice versa.

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One thought on “Bartering Items”

  1. For single guys reading this: I’d add some feminine hygiene stuff to your stash as well. You may not like it, or need it, but you may need something from a woman who does.


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