Greenhouse build part 3

Did you ever have the moments during a project where you stop and think “What have I done? I have made a horrible, HORRIBLE mistake?“, yep, I was there when this arrived. Pushing on!

Oriented southeast by 4 degrees. Underground thermal mass complete. Building materials have arrived. We are getting closer to actually starting to build something.

Greenhouse wall footer/foundation

Time to measure out and build a frame for the cement wall footer. We built a 2×4 stud frame to accommodate a 12″ wide foundation for the greenhouse walls.  We are going for a 15′ x 12′  space internally. This meant building a frame 12″ longer on the long sides to accommodate.

Frame built, laid out, and leveled. We had pounded rebar posts down into the dirt IMG_2230.jpgbelow the footer that protruded upwards by 6-12″. Time to mix up the concrete and get it poured into place.  50 bags of cement were picked up to fill the frames for the footer and some of the concrete wall. Mixed bag after bag, pour after pour filled the footer frames, now let it set.


IMG_2247Footers built and set, now time to move on to the concrete brick wall build.

Keep checking in, as the next article will be out soon.

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