Greenhouse build part 5

I hope that you are enjoying the posts regarding the greenhouse build project. With that said, let’s keep going.

We have an underground thermal mass, we have a footing, we have a concrete wall (secondary thermal mass), now we are onto the woodwork. Time to build some wood walls and structure.

Upper walls

Starting with a 2×10 wood base directly attached to the lower concrete wall for starters. These will attach to the anchor bolts cemented into the lower concrete walls. These will cap off the concrete walls and allow for thermal collection within the walls during the heat of the day. As an added bonus, this board size will give us an easy to use 5″+ built-in shelf at the base of the wood. Attached to this base will be the vertical wall structure.

IMG_2269.jpg     The vertical wall supports were built with standard 2×4’s. Once all of the vertical supports were up, we capped off with 2×4’s.

Outside wall paneling will be 3/8″ plywood that we then wrapped that in Tyvek sheeting. Again, the Tyvek provides just an extra bit of heat retention and moisture barrier to the greenhouse structure. Over the top of the Tyvek, a sheet metal roofing/siding was installed to give it an industrial look.


That’s it for this round, keep a lookout for the next post. See you next time.

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