Big game hunting – Washington

No reason to copy and paste the article from Colorado. You can find it hereMuch of the hunting specifics are the same, the difference with this article is location of hunting.

With that, let’s go into some of the specifics that Washington state also has some good big game hunting.

First things first

WA DOW site can be found here

Let’s start off with what was a huge change for me, when selecting your hunt choice, you choose which side of the state you want to hunt on. This determines in many cases what you can hunt, when you can hunt and obviously where.

WA game management units can be found here. While there is a vast amount of public open space to hunt in located in Washington, there are some challenges to that space though. A larger portion of this space is almost un-huntable (extremely steep). Another obstacle was that the herds of animals are much smaller. The final obstacle (especially on the west side) is the extremely dense forest.

Another significant change for me when we first moved up, was a combination license, example here. You can purchase a combination tag to cover you for salt/freshwater fishing along with most big game animals all for one fee.

Unless there is a reciprocity for your state and WA, you will still need to attend a hunters education class prior to hunting. The link for that is here. Notice they do have separate classes for rifle and bow-hunters. Make sure that you attend the appropriate class.

With that information and the information provided in the Big game hunting – CO article, I hope you have enough information for a successful hunt in either state. Good luck, have fun and stay safe.

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