Mobile chicken coop build

My wife and I decided that we wanted to raise our own chickens, but we didn’t want to fix a permanent spot in the yard for the coop. We wanted the coop to be mobile, safe and functional. What came next was out of my imagination to meet the above requirements.

Most of this build materials came from scrap materials that I had laying around from other previous projects.

It started by coming up with a basic frame design made of 2×4’s. The design turned out to be 7′ long by 3′ wide. By the time it got to the high point in the coop roof, we were just above 4′ tall.


From there we wanted to provide a safe space for the chickens when they weren’t out free ranging in the back yard. For this we built out a caged in runĀ  for them on the front side of the coop with 1″ strips and wrapped in 1/2″ wire.

To finish out the coop itself, we added some 1/2″ plywood for the sides, we a 3/4″ piece for the top.


Some finishing touches included waterproofing all of the wood, plastic roof topping over the top, a feeding pipe, a water pipe and front handle.IMG_1775

Hopefully this helps you to build your own mobile coop as well. Stay tuned for other build projects.

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