Mobile rabbit mower

You have rabbits, you have a yard. This makes for a perfect combination to add a mobile rabbit mower to the mix. You save on mowing time, fuel and you get to be ECO-friendly. This also offers your critters to frolic, eat down and aerate your lawn along with free natural fertilizer.

The system that I had built was 2′ wide x 6′ long, and 18″ tall with a hinged chicken wire lid. Made of 2×4 frame with leftover 1/2″ wire from the rabbit hutch build, and two 6″ plastic wheelbarrow wheels.

The build itself was straightforward –

  • For the mower
    • 4ea 2×4’s at 6′ long
    • 4ea 2×4’s at 2′ long
    • 4ea 2×4’s at 18″ long
    • 16′ of steel wire
    • 2ea 6″ plastic wheelbarrow wheels
    • 1ea metal handles
    • Make a box with the above lumber
    • Wrap the inside with the wire, staple in accordingly
    • IMG_1821
  • For the lid
    • 2ea 1×2’s at 6′ long
    • 2ea 1×2’s at 2′ long
    • 1ea metal handles
    • 2ea hinges
    • 6′ worth of chicken wire
    • Make a square out of the above lumber
    • Wrap in chicken wire

This build allowed for my meat rabbits to bounce around, get some exercise, build up some muscle, chew down the grass, fertilize and exhaust some energy. With six rabbits (kits) in the mower, they could mow down my grass from 3″ down to 2″ within that space in about 30 min. It also allowed my boxer to interact with them a bit more opposed to only seeing them through the rabbit hutch doors.

I would encourage anyone with rabbits and some space to build some type of mower and turn them loose as often as possible, it benefits everyone involved!


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