Greenhouse build part 6

Thanks for staying with us through this build. 

I promise we are getting closer to completion. External walls are built, time to put something on the inside.


Roof angles are hard! This was one of my least favorite parts of this building project. That said, once an appropriate angle was found for the roof, we topped it with the same 3/8″ plywood and Tyvek again. We used the same sheet metal paneling as the side on the roof to give it some protection from the elements (it hails in Colorado).



For an IT geek, custom making a door frame, not the easiest of tasks either. The main door was a standard 36″ glass screen door. So, building a door frame to accommodate for a door with those dimensions was fun to work with.

Raised garden bed build


Just over 180 sq feet within the greenhouse. We plan to use 140 sq feet of that as 18″ tall raised garden beds using as much room as feasible. This will be designed into a U shape within the greenhouse to allow for as much accessibility as possible.


Remember we will be using square foot gardening within this space to maximize our yield throughout all growing seasons.

Hanging garden bed build

On the west wall, we have a lot of unused space, we are going to utilize that space with some wall mounted gutter gardening. These will be at slight angles so water can run from the top to the next, to the next and down into the garden beds. We will integrate a couple of vertical tube gardens hanging from the rafters as well.

Internal walls

A concrete backer board (similar to what we used in our shower remodel project) will be used for the internal wall cover. This will prevent moisture from collecting in the walls.

Solar fans


We have two different solar fans running within this greenhouse. The first being the 12v fan that is pulling hot humid air out of the ceiling of the greenhouse and pushing it down to the underground thermal mass. The air circulates 4′ underground collecting a cooler drier air and exhausts it back into the greenhouse. The second fan is a thermostatic attic solar fan. If the greenhouse temp exceeds 85 degrees F, this fan kicks on and pulls fresh air into the greenhouse and exhausting the excess hot air from the ceiling of the greenhouse.


Keep on the lookout for the next article for this project. See you next time.

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