Preppers workout

Flat out, the most important tool in your prepper arsenal is you! All the tools and equipment that you have accumulated over the years are great to have. The skills that you have learned, developed, and mastered over the years is even better. All of these things still rely on you as the implementer. Your health, stamina, endurance, and strength is what your level of success is dependent on.

Physical workouts for your prepping and survival is just as important all of the other preps that you currently do. Having the physical strength and endurance to deal with physical challenges during or after a disaster will take you a long way towards your long-term survival.

My normal daily workout looks something like this –

  • Per hour per day while awake.
    • 5 push ups
    • 1 min plank
    • 15 flutter kicks
    • 10 crunches
    • 15 jumping jacks
    • 10 squats
  • I like to get at least 4+ miles on the pedometer per day as well walking.
  • I try to get at least 10 flights of stairs per day.
  • The above list combined with anything else that I do per day (project wise or work wise)
  • It may vary a little from day to day, but that hits the high points of what I try to knock out daily.

Mental preparedness is the other side of the preppers workout coin. If you have read some of my other articles (Testing your plan, Skills to learn, Boredom beaters and so on) then you know that being stocked up and planning for the disaster is only a portion equation, having a solid prepared mind to deal with the panic and stress during the event is the other side. Developing a thicker skin mentally may help to ease some of the things you may have to deal with after the fact.

You may have to eat things that are outside of your comfort zone, you may see things that not accustomed to seeing, you may experience people in a different manner than you are accustomed to dealing. You may have to find your food, you may have to go without your electronic devices, you may have to put your life back together, these can all be difficult tasks on their own, combined could be overwhelming.

A few days after a disaster, you will see the best and worst in humanity (those that are trying to do the right thing and rebuild and those that are attempting to take advantage of the rest). Being mentally prepared for what comes next will be the difference in you and your family surviving or thriving after the fact.

While there is not a real good list of things to do to prepare you mentally for a catastrophe, mastering your primitive skills will ease some the stress caused by an outage or disaster. Working through your disaster plans in test scenario’s also help. Practice makes perfect, make it fluent in test and real life will be easier.

Hoping this helps to provide some insight for your prepping workouts. Hoping this helps to develop your own plans.

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