Greenhouse build – Complete

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything… my apologies. With that said, after a number of months, the greenhouse is built and producing well. It has done very well to maintain solid growing temperatures inside regardless of the outside weather. This morning was a brief snow storm outside, but over 55 degrees inside with a humidity level above 70 percent.

The cherry tomato and pepper plants are still producing very well and the different lettuces are standing up without withering. We harvested about 40 carrots and roughly 30 beets last weekend that are now being used in stews and the like.


While this was a lot of work to build, the payoff has been fantastic. I would encourage all preppers, survivalists, homesteaders or those interested in growing your own food/sustainable food sources to work through this process to build your own sustainable greenhouse.

I hope you have enjoyed following this process as much as I have enjoyed building it. Come back soon for the next project build posts.


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